Short Fiction

Astounding Frontiers

Wonder! Adventure! Excitement! All this and more can be found in Astounding Frontiers Issue 2! In here is the first chapter of Corey McCleery’s Daughter of Sol. Alien invaders, half-star space princesses, and strange ether-blades all mix in the first chapter of an epic science fantasy adventure!

Daughter of Sol Chapter 1: Helia can be found in Astounding Frontiers Issue #2

Wonder! Danger! Pulse-pounding adventure continues in Astounding Frontiers Issue 3! In this issue, the serial Daughter of Sol continues with another chapter, with our heroes stranded on a desert planet with strange monsters and deadly storms on their way!

Daughter of Sol Chapter 2: Turamoris appears in Astounding Frontiers Issue #3

Danger! Intrigue! Mystery! In this continuation of Daughter of Sol, found in Astounding Frontiers Issue 4, our heroes discover a shanty-town in the middle of barbarous wastes. There, they seek shelter and rest before heading out, until betrayal by once-trusted allies threatens their lives!

Daughter of Sol Chapter 3: Port Town can be found in Astounding Frontiers Issue #4

Magic! Mystery! Mystic enchantment and wonder! In this latest installment of Daughter of Sol, our heroes are joined by an unlikely ally armed with mystical powers and escape from friends-turned-enemies! Old alliances are upset and new ones are forged in this exciting episode of the epic space fantasy!

Daughter of Sol Chapter 4: Tazarax can be found in Astounding Frontiers Issue #5

Ancient knowledge! Heart-stopping chases! In this special double-feature, our heroes discover the secrets of creation itself and are set upon by numerous adversaries! Mystic powers are tested, courage is tried, and lives are on the line in this exciting continuation!

Daughter of Sol Chapter 5: The Catechism of the Void and Chapter 6: A Daring Escape can be found in Astounding Frontiers Issue #6

Planetary Anthology

Touching on the classical themes of Mercury, including trickery, theft, messages, and travel, the short story The Tower of the Luminous Sages follows the tale of Wei, a thief who stumbles into a mysterious lighthouse in the middle of a landlocked imperial palace. There, she discovers secret messages being sent by deities to oblivious royalty and a plot to shake the very empire she calls home.

The Tower of the Luminous Sages can be found in the Planetary: Mercury anthology.

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